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Tourists warned of Thailand airport scam Jul 30

It seems like quite a few tourists have been detained at the Bangkok airport this year with allegations of shoplifting. In order to get out of this they have been forced to pay thousands of US dollars. Please read this BBC article for more information. I have been through the Bangkok airport many times over the last couple of years (see my Bangkok trip report) but I have not experienced anything like that…yet. I hope that they will sort this out or else it will be another set back for tourism in Thailand.

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    I very sad to see scams such as these. It is unfortunate that they are taking place in countries like these who need money from tourism.

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    It is not good to see things like this happening, I have always thought of Thailand as the Perfect destination, and some of the hotels is has to offer compete with some of the world class hotels. The service cannot be beaten in Thailand. The friendliness of Thai people and constant smiling makes any stay a truly unforgettable experience. As for the beaches well they have to some of the best in the world. Check out this site here you will find more information about Thailand. Lets hope this sort of thing stops, it is not good for tourism.

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