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Inside the Lufthansa First Class terminal Sep 26

I’m not sure when I heard about the Lufthansa First Class terminal the first time – I have been to some business class lounges over the years but the Lufthansa First Class terminal sounded pretty amazing. So when I booked my award ticket I made sure to go First Class vith Lufthansa via Frankfurt in order to get access (you can read more about who gets access on

The flight from Stavanger to Frankfurt took longer than expected. I think the flight took about 2 hours and 45 minutes!  When I came out of the plane there was a man there with a sign with my name on it and he had a nice Mercedes parked right next to him. So I joined him (he never actually checked my boarding card by the way) and he took me to the terminal building. He was initially planning on taking me to the First class lounge in the B building by I asked about the First Class Terminal so he drove me to the A section and I walked from there. To get to the First Class Terminal you have to walk out of the main terminal building and walk for 2-3 minutes to get to it. When you get there you actually have to ring the doorbell and one of the staff comes to fetch you.

The lady that escorted me in took my passport and boarding card and told me to just enjoy and I would get my passport back later on when it was time to board the plane – it is not that often that I hand over my passport like this but I guess you have to trust them.
When it comes to the lounge….well, I guess there is not that much to say apart from WOW. First of all there are lots of leather chairs spread out in the lounge and there were not many people there so finding a place to sit was not a problem. Each table had a selection of nuts so they have taken the roasted nuts to the next level  :-)

The selection of food seems to be pretty amazing…yes, the Emirates lounge in London was not bad either. But in the Lufthansa First Class lounge they have taken it to the next level. Lunch was pretty amazing with a huge selection of antipasti from a buffet (including huge a huge parma ham and a huge Pata Negra) and there were also several warm dishes including Thai soups, Indian food, risotto and so on, And for dessert a wide variety of sweet stuff including tiramisu, chocolate mousse, panna cotta etc. If you can’t find anything good to eat at this food buffet you either have some pretty weird food allergy or are very picky about what you eat.

As a Norwegian I also have to mention the drink menu….which is extensive :-) Here you can choose to drink Bollinger, Taittinger, Ruinart etc champagnes, 8 different red wines, 80 different scotch and whiskey’s !, 7 types of gin etc…you get the picture. It is quite nice to sip some good champagne while having some Voss water to keep saturated ;-) Apart from that the First Class terminal has a cigar lounge where you can enjoy your whiskey together with a cigar and they have 4 shower rooms where you can take a shower. I did take a shower and unfortunately the water was freezing. But apart from that the facilities are very nice. There are also a couple of rooms where you can get some sleep if you want to.

The internet is free of course and there are also several small “offices” where you can get access to the internet if you have not brought your own laptop. It does not get much better than this.

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    Daniel Braaten 

    Med all respekt, jeg har vært reist First Class med Lufthansa flere gang tidligere – og jeg hadde ikke blitt særlig glad om det gikk folk med kamera og film rundt om i loungen. Hva med å vise litt respekt?

  2. 2

    Jepp, jeg prøver å unngå å ta bilder og filme andre besøkende i loungen…nå er det vel ikke bilder av så forferdelig mange andre besøkende eller?

  3. 3

    Fantastic!! It’ll be a while till I get the chance to fly First Class! :) Enjoy your trip Gard…

    I’m in Stockholm now by the way :) Staying at the Sheraton..

  4. Found your blog via the Tripadvisor Air Travel Forum (I am BSA126 over there btw). I’ve been to airline lounges before but none have been this beautiful (however I haven’t been to any lounge except for airlines like Air China and China Southern for about 2-3 years now)! Emirates’ Dubai International lounge was the nicest I’ve been to, but LH’s lounge looks even better. All the presentations are so artful, especially the platter of roasted nuts.

  5. 5

    Yeah, the LH lounge in Frankfurt was amazing but their business class lounges are not very nice as they are too crowded. But the LH First class terminal was amazing :-)

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    I’m a student and I fly business every once in a while. I find that I get a lot of motivation to do well in life when I fly business and therefore a good investment in the future. However, if you’d recommend a good airline to fly with, price being an important aspect, which airline would you recommend for BEST VALUE (not best) for a student wanting to fly business as often as possible?

  7. 7

    Hi Tore. If you want the best value you should get a SAS credit card and use this to collect Eurobonus points. In the end you can use the bonus points for an upgrade from economy to business on some of the SAS routes (e.g. to Bangkok, USA etc). I think this is the best way to use points but you are not guaranteed that there is a seat available. If you collect a lot of points you can use this to buy a ticket on some of the StarAlliance carriers as I did on my Lufthansa and Thai first class trip :-) You should also watch out on the Emirates homepage – they sometimes have good offers

  8. 8

    so you use a SAS credit card, and can use your bonussen also with Star Alliance? Is that correct ? Thanks for informing me.

  9. 9

    Hi. Yes, you can use SAS Eurobonus points to buy Star Alliance flights

    Gard – trip reports and pictures

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