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Time to go to Thailand Nov 07

We are going to Thailand today :-) This will be the last vacation this year and we look forward to some beach, sun and relaxation. Going from Stavanger in Norway at 8 degrees Celsius to Thailand with 30+ degrees is quite a change that’s for sure. But we look forward to the hectic city life in Bangkok and the relaxing beach life at Phuket. This is not our first time in Bangkok – as you can see from our homepage we have been to this city a few times before. It can be a stressful city to start with…all the noise, the traffic, the tuk-tuk drivers that tries to trick you, the scent on the streets, the hot and humid weather etc. But once you get past that you will find a city full of contrast, good food, friendly people, peaceful and colorful temples, great shopping etc. After a few days in Bangkok we are going to Phuket and to Kata beach. We went to Phuket many years ago and back then we stayed at Patong beach. Obviously things have changed quite a lot as we all remember the tsunami in 2004. Our hotel is Avista on Kata beach and it is actually brand new so it will be exciting to see if everything is up and running when we arrive :-) So if you do run into us on the streets of Bangkok or on the beaches of Phuket, don’t hesitate to say Hi :-)

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