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British woman arrested in Dubai after being raped! Jan 09

A British woman got arrested the other day in Dubai when she went to the police to report a rape. It turns out that she was there on vacation with her boyfriend to celebrate her engagement and when she admitted that she had had sex with her boyfriend, she was arrested for having “illegal sexual intercourse”. One should of course respect the rules and regulation to the country that you are visiting but this is no way to be treated if you have been raped. This case shows a bit of the problem that Dubai faces. They do want western tourists to come to the city and country but they still want to enforce their strict rules on them.  So keep this in mind if you are planning on going to Dubai! Here is the article concerning the British woman that got raped.

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    In Dubai recently there a new law passed according to that you’ll see major notice in any mall mainly going for that you strictly would have to wear appropriate clothes like nothing way above the knee. Dubai has although with tolerant outlook much more than Abu Dhabi and also for other emirates

    You must be aware about respect for the symbols of the state like the UAE rulers even for national flag .

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