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Soon you can try out A380 – on short-haul May 19

Air France has just announced that this summer they will fly from London to Paris and back again and you can get it for “just” £80 for a round trip on economy class (£280 for business class). But I think it is a bit sad using such a large plane and obviously made for long haul, for such a short flight. But I guess it will give you some sort of idea of how the plane will be on a long haul trip. I had the pleasure of flying Emirates A380 last year from London to Dubai (see and this year from Dubai to Sydney (and the 14 hour trip back gave me lots of time to experience the plane ;-) ). Anyway, you can read about the offer from Air France on their web site.

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  1. 1

    Gard, excellent TR as usual.

    How was the Westin? I stayed at the Le Royal Meridien and that was fantastic!

    Cheers, Leo

  2. 2

    Westin in Shanghai you mean? It was good but not amazing. There were flaws enough to make me a bit annoyed and I sent a feedback to them about it. There was quite a lot of communication problems with the staff and it made it a bit hard to give feedback there and then.

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