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Check in – in downtown Oslo Oct 10

According to a Norwegian newspaper it will soon be possible to check in at Oslo central station in downtown Oslo before you take the airport express train to Oslo airport (OSL) – if you are flying with Norwegian or SAS that is. But it does not seem like they are going to go all out on this…you will only be able to check in and then you have to bring your luggage to OSL and go to the baggage drop. In Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia you can also check in at the train station (KL Sentral) before taking the airport express train to KLIA but there you actually check in and drop your baggage which I find to be an excellent solution. But hopefully checking in at the train station in Oslo will mean shorter lines when you do get to the airport. Here is the article (only in Norwegian).

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The most expensive city in the world Aug 25

The Swiss investment bank UBS has just relased a “Prices and Earnings” study and Oslo came out on top as the most expensive city in the world…hurrah, we finally won something ;-) Well, it is not really news that Oslo and Norway are voted to be expensive – I think all foreigners knows this to be a fact. At least I do get comments and questions regarding this topic all the time. A couple of years back I had visitors from Malaysia and they were quite shocked to see the prices (especially on food) compared to their home in KL. But this means that it is great being a Norwegian when traveling as most places in this world are cheaper….well, getting a drink in Dubai is actually more expensive than in Norway actually. Here is an article about the study.

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Trolltunga – a new “must visit place”? Aug 14

Have you ever heard of Trolltunga (the tongue of the troll)? I had not heard about this place until a few days ago when I saw a photo in a newspaper. It is located near Odda and it seems like quite a spectacular place – maybe not as nice as Preikestolen and Kjerag but still ;-) The photo from  Trolltunga below (taken from Jan’s blog) should give you an idea of what to expect. From this place you should also get a view to one of Norway’s glaciers, Folgefonna.

Odda also seems to have their own small version of Via Ferrata and you can read more about that on

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This is Norway Jul 03

So this is what Norway is like? Well, I wouldn’t say that Norway is this picture perfect all the time but we can brag about some beautiful scenery here. The western fjords of Norway are beautiful and I do get amazed every time I go to places like Preikestolen (Pulpit rock) or Kjerag – at the latter place you are about 1000 meter (about 3000 feet) above the fjord so the view is just spectacular. Well, enjoy the video of Norway :-)

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