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World’s most stunning structures Sep 10 brings a story about the most stunning structures in the world. You can check out the photos in this article. I have been lucky enough to visit places like the Great wall of China (see the China trip report), Machu Picchu (see the Peru trip report), Angkor Wat (see the Siem Reap trip report), the Eiffel tower (see the Paris trip report), the Chrysler building (see the NYC trip report) but I still have structures like the pyramides and Taj Mahal to look forward to :-)

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Photos and videos from Dubai Dec 06

I have uploaded some photos and videos from Dubai in connection with the upcoming Dubai trip report. You can see them all on

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Some images from Bangkok Nov 10

I like to walk around Bangkok when I visit the city as it is a strange combination of noises, traffic, beautiful temples etc. Here are some images from day one when I took a walk around after donating blood. I took the river express to the Grand Palace area and walked over to Wat Suthat.

Gorillapod Aug 16

When Nikki and I have been traveling, there are quite a few times where we have wanted to take a picture of us with something in the background. Sometimes we try to balance the camera on top of something but it is rarely a success and sometime we end up asking people but that can also be tricky if they don’t have any camera skills ;-) But here is one product that might be able to help out a little: Gorillapod . This is a tripod like any other but the special feature is the flexible legs which means that you can wrap it around stuff (like a bar as shown in the picture to the right) and that introduce new possibilities. I still haven’t made up my mind to buy it or not but I’m tempted. It comes in different versions by the way…there is also one model that are made for SLR cameras.

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Phnom Penh photos posted Aug 13

I have now posted some photos and videos from our trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and you can find them on this web page. Phnom Penh was of course filled with lots of impressions as we got to visit places like Tupl Sleng genocide museum, the Killing fields at Choeung Ek etc. But we also got to see a country celebrate as it was New Year. I’m working on the trip report and it will be posted sooner or later :-)