Trip to Bolivia and Peru - September 2006
More pictures from the trip
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On this page you will find pictures from the trip to Bolivia and Peru. They are more or less sorted in the right order. Please move the cursor over each picture to get a tool tip with more information.

La Paz

The trip begins...I brought my Lonely Planet book

Having a few beers in the lounge in NYC

Casa Alianza seen from outside

Olav used the bunk bed

I got the big bed

Having breakfast at Casa Alianza

A view of La Paz and Illimani in the background

Group shot with a view to La Paz

The stadium in El Alto

Plaza Pedro D Murillo in La Paz

Gard at Valle de la Luna

Scene from Valle de la luna in La Paz

Scenes from Valle de la Luna

Flute player at Valle de la Luna

Group shot at Valle de la Luna

View to the mountain Huayna Potosi from El Alto

A neighbourhood in El Alto. This is near a school we visited

If you wonder how to chop up a llama :-)

You can buy lots of knitted products in all colors in Bolivia

The cathedral in La Paz

Plaza San Fransisco in La Paz Llama fetuses for sale Inside the coca museum Eating out at Casa del Corregidor The guys at Mongo's for a night out in La Paz
Meal at Casa del Corregidor Starter at La Comedie The bus station in La Paz    
Trip to Combaya

The road to start with on our way to Combaya

The view of moutains were stunning

The dirt roads leading to Combaya

A short break on the way to Combaya

Visting a school near Combaya

All the kids we managed to squeeze into the car

The soccer match in high altitude

The kids were posing willingly when we took out the camera

Short stop on the way to Sorata

Great mountain views in Bolivia

A young girl near Combaya Young kids near Combaya Old ladies at Combaya Tobbe shows his skills Some of the toilets were a bit messy
Pizza break in Sorata Some of the roads in Bolivia was pretty rough View to Lake Titicaca Bolivian landscape seen from the bus A house near Combaya
The village of Combaya        
Biking the world's most dangerous road
Getting ready for unloading bikes We are ready to go biking! We have reached the road block Getting ready for biking at start 2 I'm coming in for a short break
I did get a bit wet on the bike trip Olav getting medical attention This is what it would have been like if we had gone the original route    
A visit to the school of El Progreso in El Alto
A school at El Alto El Progreso at El Alto Young girl enjoying a cake at the school in El Alto A class at the school in El Alto A serious girl at a school in El Alto
A young couple at a school in El Alto Kids at school in El Alto A young Miss winner    
Trip to Salar de Uyuni and Torotoro
Lift off from La Paz with a view to El Alto Flying low over lakes to check out flamingoes Plane outside the salt hotel Endless salt lake Isla de los Pescadores seen from the plane
Plane at the salt hotel at Salar De Uyuni From inside the salt of the rooms Inside the salt hotel On Isla de los Pescadores in Salar De Uyuni Some of the cacti was HUGE
Parking at the cactus island Lots of cacti on the island Flags at salt hotel on Salar De Uyuni The Bolivian flag Our pilot and his plane in Torotoro
A view to the village of Torotoro Our rooms at Las Harmanas in Torotoro Sign near Umajalanta cave Walking into the Umajalanta cave Gard inside the Umajalanta cave in Torotoro
Gard and Tobbe inside the Umajalanta cave Dinosaur track in the rock at Torotoro At the edge of the canyon Steps leading down to the bottom of the canyon At the bottom of the canyon
Street scene from Torotoro Batea Cocha rock paintings OLav shows the difference between a small and large beer Eugen's brilliant invention: the solar oven Cable car in Cochabamba
Cristo de la Concordia in Cochabamba        

Climbing the 5400 meter Chacaltaya

Gard with a view from Chacaltaya

Myself on Chacaltaya

Gard on Chacaltaya close to 5400 meter above sea level

Club Andino Boliviano ski club logo on Chacaltaya

Great views from Chacaltaya

Some crazy Norwegians stripping on Chacaltaya

The guys at the club house at Chacaltaya

Peru and Machu Picchu
The border between Bolivia and Peru The travellers having pizco sour in Peru The group having dinner in Cuzco in Peru At Plaza de Armas in Cuzco Trying fried guinea pig for dinner
At Cuzco train station Taking the train to Machu Picchu The road leading up to Machu Picchu A classical view of Machu Picchu From Cuzco
The caretaker of the funerary rock Lots of people and some llamas at Machu Picchu Temple of the sun at Machu Picchu Terraces at Machu Picchu All the guys at Machu Picchu
Gard at Machu Picchu Taking another picture at Machu Picchu The hot springs at Aguas Calientes Having breakfast at the border between Bolivia and Peru  
Room at Hotel Machu Picchu Inn Beds at Hotel Jose Antonio in Cuzco      



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