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The HOG Rogaland chapter is based in Stavanger and it is a pretty active chapter. In the summer season (or as soon as the weather is good enough) there are group drives every Tuesdays and Sundays. Please take a look at (only in Norwegian I'm afraid) for more information. If you want to see pictures from the Tuesday drives please go to this page and if you want to see pictures from the Sunday drives you can take a look at this page. The Norwegian word for pictures is "Bilder" :-)

There will be a National HOG rally in Stavanger in 2006 June 16th to 18th. Please check out this page for more information. The rally will be held in the middle of town :-)


Most people associate Harley drivers with black leather. It is true that most of the HOG members drive around with black leather but I choose to be a bit more colorful :-). The most important issue is of course to stay safe in case of accidents while driving. On nice days I drive around with my Harley-Davidson Speed leather jacket. On days when it is colder I wear a bigger and thicker nylon jacket from HD. Most of the time I also drive with a nylon pair of pants together with my HD Neo boots and HD leather gloves.

Another interesting topic is of course the helmet. In Norway you have to wear a helmet when driving so that is not really an issue. But the question is what kind of helmet…full face or half helmet? If I'm going for longer drives or if the weather is bad I normally use my Arai full face helmet. But on nice sunny days when I'm going on shorter rides in the area I bring out my half helmet. I have to admit that I feel a bit naked when driving in the half helmet compared to the full face helmet. But it is also quite nice to feel the wind in the face....well, unless you run into insects of course :-) The half helmet is a AGV helmet model Thunder Platinum Flames. So far I'm happy with the helmet. But it would have been great if there was a little patch where the strap goes underneath the chin. Right now the strap is digging a bit into my skin when I'm riding but it is not a big problem..

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