One of the great things about owning a Harley-Davidson is the fact that you can modify it to make it your unique bike. It is easy to go totally overboard because the selection of stuff that you can add to the bike is overwhelming. You can choose to buy parts made by Harley-Davidson or you can look at all the third party vendors that make parts for HD. Here is a bit of information about which changes that are made to my bike.
Part Part number Why
Screamin Eagle PRO II slip fit mufflers 80424-04 

Let’s face it. If you have a Harley then it should have a bit of Harley sound. I bought my bike with stock pipes and they are pretty quiet. But when I put on these pipes the bike got the real Harley sound :-)

HurricaneFlow Centered Air Cleaner with 2" element   With pipes that are more open it is best to have a air filter that allows more air to get it. After recommendations I bought this one from NRHS
Dynojet Kit 29045-97B When changes are made to the pipes and air filter it is best to also make some modification to the carburator
Clear Turn Signal Lens Kit - Bullet Lens 69303-02 Just for looks. I like the clear glass better than the orange glass.
Installation paper.
Picture of how it looks.
Oil Dipstick with Temperature Gauge 63023-05 Just a little gadget to keep an eye on the oil temperature
Enrichener / Choke Knob Cover 29431-97 Just for looks. The new chrome cover just sits on top of the old plastic knob. Note that this can influence the choke operation. Once I put it on the choke would slide in faster by itself.
Installation paper.
Picture of how it looks.
Sportster® Collection Air Cleaner Trim 29642-04 The old 883 sign was replaced by a sign that only says "Sportster"...and it is chrome of course :-)
Installation paper.
Picture of how it looks.
Billet Fuel Cap - Cross Design 62816-03 Again just for looks :-)
Picture of how it looks.
Rear Brake Reservoir Cover 45762-04 A bit of chrome to brighten it up a little bit
Installation paper.
Picture of how it looks.
License Plate Bag 64267-00 There is not a lot of room for storange on the bike. I don't really want big bags on it as I think it will influence the "cool look". So I bought this small bag that I can have so I at least can bring along the camera or some extra gloves.
Installation paper.
Picture of how it looks.
Flame Shifter Peg 34617-03 I have bought this but I have not put it on the bike yet. It will be different to change gears using this.
Cost 13 $
Flame Hand Grips 56518-02 I have bought these but they are still not on the bike. Can't make up my mind which direction I go when it comes to this.
Voltage Regulator Cover 74609-04 I have not installed this yet but hopefully it will brighten up the front of the bike a little.
Cost 28 $
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