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It is said that the only difference between a man and a boy is the cost of his toys. I guess there is some truth to that because my Harley is nothing more than a toy. I’m not sure when I picked up the interest for bikes but as most boys I wanted to have a motorbike when I was like 15-16 years old. I used to stop by the Yamaha/Honda store in Stavanger all the time to bike of brochures and look at the bikes that were in the store. I guess I must have driven the owner insane because he knew that I wasn’t a potential customer…at least not at the time :-) I remember looking at the Yamaha Virago and I thought it was the most beautiful bike in the world. When I was 16 I took my drivers license for a light motorbike and I bought an old Yamaha. Unfortunately this was a piece of junk so I never really got to ride it much. When I turned 18 I wanted to take the drivers license for a big bike but I couldn’t afford it. Then I went into the navy for a year, I started to study, I picked up an interest for traveling so the bike plans were put on hold. But in the back of mind I still had a dream about having a bike. In the spring of 2004 I went to get a neck massage…I had been a bit stressed up about work. It turned out that the place had screwed up the reservation so my massage was cancelled. Well, as I got out of the office I saw the Harley-Davidson store on the other side of the road and I decided to go in there since I was in the area. I looked at the Sportster that were in the store and the price and thought “The price is not that bad”. I picked up brochures and went back to the office and made phone calls to start driving lessons since I still didn’t have the license to drive a big bike. After a few lessons (and quite a few Norwegian Kroner) I got my license on November 5th 2004. But the Stavanger winter is not ideal for bike riding so I had to wait until the spring of 2005 to continue my plan. So on March 15th I went to the HD store…it had been snowing and it was wet and miserable outside. When I got to the store I looked at the bike again and I asked if it was possible to test a Sportster and the guy said not really. Normally I wouldn’t buy anything like this without trying it but after reading articles and test about the Sportster I made up my mind and I told the guy at the HD store to order one for me :-) On Saturday April 2nd 2005 I finally got the bike. I picked it up from the store and the weather was beautiful. I got a few instructions from the HD store and I started up the bike and then I was on my way. It was quite a feeling driving from the store on a Harley-Davidson…my own Harley-Davidson. On different (non-Harley) internet forums there had been lots of warnings about buying a HD. Many had comments like “don’t buy a Harley if you don’t know your way around the engine because you will have to work on it a lot to keep it going”. Well, so far I have had my Sportster for about ˝ year and I have driven about 5000 km on it and I haven’t had any trouble with it so far. Let us hope that it stays that way. To me it was a dream come true to start up the Sportster and drive away from the store :-)
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