Trip to Asia - summer 1997


Tasting durians for the
first time.Taken at
Yen Ping's house.

A visit to Mount Faber in Singapore

The pineapple team at NUS

Ping and her dad in the karaoke room

Ping at Sentosa
aquarium (25kb)

The pinapples are meeting their
destiny (27kb)

Ping and myself in front of a
fountain in Singapore (47kb)

Here I am at Ping's house (27kb)

Watching the seal show at
Singapore Zoo (62kb)

I even had to learn how
to use sticks (26kb)

Jaws anyone. Ping and Gard at
Sentosa aquarium (38kb)

Ping in her room (44kb)

Kuala Lumpur

Angie and Gard. The pic is
taken at the KL Tower and
the twin tower can be
seen in the
background (25kb)

A visit to Batu caves (51kb)

Joanne at Batu caves (43kb)

Joanne and myself at the
Batu caves (35kb)

Joanne and myself
at Genting (27kb)

A internet gathering party in
KL (47kb)

Ning, May and myself at a
hawker store in KL (26kb)

Joanne and myself at nigh
t in KL (27kb)

Gard, Joanne and Pei Ling
at Genting Highland (37kb)

May is having a look
in the travel guide (24kb)

May on the phone



My two "guides" in Bangkok:
Aui on the left and Kitty (43 kb)

Here we are at Grand Palace
Kitty and myself in front of a
giant (40kb)

Kitty is translating from
Thai to English (34 kb)

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