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Flight to Frankfurt Sep 26

The flight to Frankfurt was pretty standard apart from the fact that it took 2 1/2 hours as there was a “traffic jam” at Frankfurt airport. Here are some photos and videos.

OK hotel if you have to spend a night near Heathrow Sep 09

I stayed at Sheraton Heathrow hotel (not the Sheraton Skyline) for one night in September 2009 and I booked the room on SPG online and got it for 69 GBP (including taxes but excluding breakfast). When I reached Heathrow airport I took the Hoppa H4 bus (costing 4 GBP) to get to the hotel and it didn’t take many minutes. Check in was fast and I was assigned to SPG room 3139. Read the entire review below by clicking on the more link below.

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This is Norway Jul 03

So this is what Norway is like? Well, I wouldn’t say that Norway is this picture perfect all the time but we can brag about some beautiful scenery here. The western fjords of Norway are beautiful and I do get amazed every time I go to places like Preikestolen (Pulpit rock) or Kjerag – at the latter place you are about 1000 meter (about 3000 feet) above the fjord so the view is just spectacular. Well, enjoy the video of Norway :-)

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The dark side of Dubai Jun 28

I have been to Dubai a couple of times now and when we went there the first time (see trip report from 2002) I thought it was great. When I returned in 2009 the place had changed quite a lot as they have added some of the most amazing structures on the earth in the city (Burj Dubai, the palm projects, the World etc etc). But I also came across some articles that worries me. Check this article from The Independent . It seems like many of the construction workers face slave like contracts and conditions. Human Rights Watch has also made reports from Dubai like this one called Building Towers. Cheating Workers. So are we supporting “slavery” by visiting Dubai and spending money there?

From VBS.TV and a BBC report

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Indoor skiing in Dubai Jun 24

Did you ever wonder what it will be like to ski indoor? Well, Nikki and I tried this out in Dubai when we went there in May 2009. Ski Dubai is quite an amazing construction and you can even take ski lessons there to brush up on your skills. Here is a video of me skiing down from the top to the bottom :-)

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