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KLM destination guides Jul 08

I have to admit that I haven’t used KLM that much in the last few years as I have gone over to StarAlliance and after I had a horrible flight with them from KL to Amsterdam (see KL trip report)- but I used them quite a lot to start with as they were a Braathens partner (when that airline existed), as the connection from Stavanger to Amsterdam was very good and as they were quite cheap. So over the years I have been to Schiphol about 40 times and it is a lovely airport. Anyway, KLM has made some destination guides that might be worth looking into. I’m not sure that it gives you the ultimate guide to each place but at least it gives you a good overview of the places to start with as it covers stuff ranging from eating out, weather, how to get around etc. You can check out the KLM destination guides here.

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