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I’m going to Hong Kong :-) Jul 28

A few years back Nikki and I went to China and Hong Kong was one of the stops on the way (check out the Hong Kong trip report here). The only problem was that I caught a cold in Beijing and by the time we came to Hong Kong I felt miserable. And to top it off….this was in 2003 and it was just when the SARS virus hit town. All in all the visit was not a huge success to say the least. But now I’m going to check it out again – in September I will visit the city once again and hopefully I will be in better shape this time and hopefully I will be left with a more positive impression of the city. Have you been to Hong Kong? Feel free to get in touch if you have any recommendations when it comes to must see places, places to eat, bars with a view etc.

Here is one video from YouTube

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    Have a good trip ahead! I’ve just returned from Phuket… :)

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