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Some airports are more exciting than others… Aug 28

I went to Bolivia a couple of years back (see trip report here) and we took a small plane to the national park of ToroToro.¬† As we were about to land we noticed a cow on the “runway” (it was basically just a field on a ridge) and we had to fly low over it like 5 times before it moved and then we landed on the grass/mud – it was a bit scary as I’m used to (like most people) landing on a proper runway at a regular airport. Here are some examples of airports around the world where landing and take-off can be a bit more exciting that you were hoping for. Do you have any experience with similar “scary” airports?

This is from Gustaf III Airport on the Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy

crash SBH from Mo Po on Vimeo.

Another Caribbean island, this time it is Princess Juliana International Airport on St. Maarten in the Dutch Antilles

Next example is from Honduras in central America

Back to the Caribbean – the island of Saba has one of the shortest runways :-)

And here is Lukla airport in Nepal where planes seem to take-off downhill and land uphill ;-)

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    Du har glemt flyplassen i Bhutan.

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