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Going to Berlin Mar 15

We have now booked tickets to and hotel in Berlin and we look forward to it :-) We have never been to Berlin before so we look forward to checking out a new city. As we only have 5 days we need to plan carefully what we want to see and do there but there seems to be quite a lot to choose from. So maybe we will do a Trabant safari, maybe we will do a Berlin walk, maybe Sachsenhausen etc. But if you have been to Berlin I would love to hear from you if you have any recommendation. What to see, what to avoid and where/what to eat. Get in touch or post it as comments to this article ;-)

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    Enjoy Berlin. I’m afraid I haven’t been there, although it is on my must-visit list. I’m going to spend two weeks in June travelling to Krakow, Prague, and Vienna.

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    About the Westin: currently they are builing a new subway-line. Its connected to some noise and some ways to the hotel are blocked from time to time. Accordingly the hotel offers discount prices. An alternative, also located just excellen, very close to the Museum Island is the Melia, Friedrichstraße.

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