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The best coffee in Rome Mar 22

The Norwegian travel magazine Reiser & Ferie (Travel & Vacation) has posted an article about the best coffee shops in Rome and that brought back memories to my trips to Rome (see my Rome trip report from 2005 on It seems like Italians like their coffee strong and sweet – each morning we would see people come into coffee shops to buy their “breakfast”: a cup of espresso with lots of sugar in it. Anyway, we got to try out some of the coffee shops in Rome and they do make a very good espresso. And on Tazza d’Oro we got a great combination of espresso, crushed ice and whipped cream (granita di caffé con panna). Anyway, here is the list of the best coffee shops according to Reiser & Ferie:

  1. Sant ‘Eustachio
  2. Museo Atelier Canova Tadolini
  3. Caffe Greco
  4. Caffé-Bar di Marzio
  5. Canova Restaurant
  6. Ciampini
  7. Ciuri Ciuri
  8. La Caffetteria
  9. Universale Caffé
  10. Tazza d’Oro

Which coffee shops have you visited in Rome and which is your favourite?

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