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Dubai metro fines May 02

I had the pleasure of testing the new Dubai Metro recently and I took it from the airport to Dubai Mall and it was only like 4,5 AED (about 1 USD). The station at the airport was modern and clean and with guards walking around and a large photo of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – the ruler of Dubai. But what I thought was quite funny was the little booklet that can be found on the station explaining all the different things that will result in a fine.¬† How about “Carrying of alcoholic drinks” that will result in a 200 AED fine. Does this mean that you can’t bring your duty free goods in your suitcase when taking the metro or do they mean that you are not allowed to drink on the metro? How about “Using the lifts or escalators in an inappropriate manner” – how do you use an¬†escalator in an inappropriate manner? ;-) So naturally, when I took the metro I was a bit nervous – maybe I was breaking some of the rules. All of a sudden a woman in an Abaya (the traditional Islamic dress) walked over to me and I thought “Oh no, maybe I’m sitting on a seat designated for women”. So I jumped up and offered her my seat – she just looked at me and said “Your ticket please”. Turns out that she was a part of a team checking that the people on the metro had valid tickets. I was able to show my ticket and hence I avoided getting a fine ;-) You can find a list of all the fines on this page.

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    Hahaha, that was quite an interesting situation, “Your Ticket Please”. But beware of using alcoholic drinks there, else you know the consequence better, lol.

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    :D heheh… I can totally relate with the situation. I am very anxious with rules specially in foreign places. But the streets are good. I love eating street foods. There are a lot in Malaysia and Hongkong. Dubai also has their own version. My friends are talking about this soon to open food house, Filful Beirut, a street food resto in Dubai. Hmmmm.. at least eating street foods has lesser rules. hahahhaha.. crossing my finger on that.

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