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Welcome to Nikki and Gard’s travel blog. As you may have seen already from our web site , it is a website more or less dedicated to our travels. To start with we posted this to be able to share our pictures and trip reports with family and friends all over the world. Eventually we realized that our reportsĀ  could be of some use to others travelers who were planning to go to the same destinations that we had already been to. So now we try our best to bring back both good photos and our good memories from each trip and based on the feedback in the guestbook it seems like people are finding it useful. So I guess the aim is just to have a non-commercial travel homepage….just for fun :-) One frequently asked question is of course how we can afford all this traveling. Well, I guess the answer is priority. We have a pretty cheap car and we live in a flat at the moment and I guess we are what you call DINK (Double Income No Kids) :-)

So who are we? Well, we are a couple who lives in the small town of Stavanger on the south west coast of Norway. Nikki is originally from Johannesburg in South Africa while Gard is born and raised in Stavanger. We both enjoy going to the movies so we can often be seen at Stavanger cinema. Gard enjoys playing squash, working out (running, biking etc) and as most other Norwegian he can also be found trekking in the beautiful Norwegian mountains from time to time. During the day Gard works for the Completion Services which provides the oil industry with completion software and consultants :-) I’m not sure that there are that much more to say. We hope that you will enjoy our trip reports and pictures and we hope that they can be of some help to you. Get in touch on if you have any questions and feel free to sign the guestbook :-) Happy travels!

You can follow our daily activities by checking out our cell phone blog. Gard is also on Twitter and Facebook.