Broken Column

What is Broken Column?

According to "23 iron sculptures, all 1.95 meters tall, have been placed in and around Stavanger's City Center. Some have been erected outdoors and some inside shops, schools and even a private home.

The artwork is made by Antony Gormley, a London-based sculpter also known for "Another Place". It took 4 years to decide whether or not to place the figures in Stavanger. The project is financed by the Municipality of Stavanger, Stavanger Art Society and Rogaland Art Museum. Each sculpture is fitted 1.95 meters lower than the previous. The first iron man is placed at the Art museum some 40 meters above sea level. The last sculpture is found in the sea just outside of Natvigs Minde downtown Stavanger."

I first encountered Mr. Gormley's work at the Sola beach when "Another Place" took place. "Another Place" was 100 sculptures (similar to the ones that are described above) placed on the beach and out in the water at Sola.At first people were shocked by the idea of placing lots of statues on the beach but as time went by I think most people fell in love with this exhibition and many were sad when they were removed. But now, similar sculptures are back in "Broken Column" and I will present som pictures of the various statues below.

The sculptures' are all 1.95 tall and they all face 10° west. The 'Fish Market' sculpture is the one that has given the direction for the rest of the sculptures. It is loacted in the harbour and it is looking out at the sea. Each sculpture is also placed in a specific height. Sculpture no. 1 is located at Stavanger museum of fine arts and it is located at 41.41 meters above sea level. Sculpture number 2 is 41.41 - 1.95 = 39.45 meter above sea level and this continues until the last one located 1.23 meters below sea level at Natvigs Minde.

Please check out Mr. Gormely's page ( for more pictures of previous work.

On this page I will present pictures that I have taken of the different sculptures. I have not been able to take pictures of all of them yet but this page will be updated as soon as I take more pictures. Please click on the Stavanger map to move to the different sculptures or just scoll down to see the photos. Click on each thumbnail to get a larger picture.


Map kindly provided by Kevin Paul Scarrott, cartographer,


Sculpture no. 22. Location Rogaland Kustmuseum (Museum of fine arts)


Sculpture no. 21. Location Mosvannet park



Sculpture no. 20. Solvang school


Sculpture no. 19. Lars Hertervig plass



Sculpture no. 18. Kiellandsmyrå (football pitch)


Sculpture no. 17. St. Svithun Skole



  Sculpture no. 16. Henrik Steffens gate


 Sculpture no. 15. Madlaveien


 Sculpture no. 14. Muségata


 Sculpture no. 13. Hetlandsgaten 55 (privat home)



 Sculpture no. 12. Kjelvene


 Sculpture no. 11. Jens Zetlitz gate (St. Olav)


 Sculpture no. 10. Stavanger Tinghus (Court house)


 Sculpture no. 9 Stavanger Svømmehall (Swimming arena)


 Sculpture no. 8 Haugesundsgaten 3 (Statoil gas station)



 Sculpture no. 7 Kirkegårdsveien


 Sculpture no. 6 Stavanger Domkirke (The Cathedral)


 Sculpture no. 5 Arnageren



 Sculpture no. 4 Valberget parking house


 Sculpture no. 3 Breigata 14 (Inside a shop)


 Sculpture no. 2 Strandkaien air raid shelter


 Sculpture no. 1 Indre vågen - Stavanger harbour


 Sculpture no. 0 Natvigs minde (rock awash)