My family and myself

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Christmas 2007

Nikki and Gard

Next years Christmas card?

Mie and Knut

Embla, Frøya and Gyda

Mie preparing the x.mas dinner

Frøya is now a brunette

Embla and Frøya jump


Stitch was also dressed up
My nieces on a trip to Sunny Beach in Bilgaria

All dressed up
Frøya dressed up
Frøya is dressed up
Embla dressed up
Mie and mum on Christmas eve
Gyda dressed up
Frøya in fromt of the Christmas tree
Christmas 2006

Gard at Christmas 2006

Gyda getting a few gifts

Mie and mum on Christmas eve

Frøya in fromt of the Christmas tree

Frøya, Gard, Gyda and Embla
 on Christmas eve

Frøya and Nikki

Frøya, Jone, Gyda and Embla

Gard, mum, Marie and Jone

Gyda on Christmas eve

Embla on Christmas eve

Jone, Marie and Gard

Gard and Embla

Mie and the kids
Misc pictures

Family laughter in january 2006

Frøya in July 2005

Jordan with a view to Lyse fjord

Jordan on the Pulpit rock
Mie and the kids in Ørsdalen
Mie and the kids in Ørsdalen
 in September 2005

Embla's birthday in 2005

Nikki's birthday in 2005

Grethe, mum and Mie during
 Grethe's visit in 2006

Nikki and Gard eating out at
 NB Sørensen in Stavanger

Gard ready to start hike to Kjerag

Nikki and Gard at Flor og Fjære

Family gathering in june/july 2005.
 Gard almost 35 years old!
Trip to Ohio, USA July 2004

The family together at Schiphol
in Amsterdam

And here we are ready to go into
Cedar Point

Embla, McKayla, Gyda and Buddy
of course

Jordan and Frøya

Cooling down in Grethe and Scott's

Gyda, Gard and Embla

Grethe and Scott are relaxing

And Gyda is playing

Getting ready for Tecumseh
 Indian Show

McKayla and Gyda

Jordan with a big smile

Frøya and a cat


Gyda wants some more smors

My nice rental car from AVIS


The kids at Columbus Zoo

Embla at Columbus Zoo

Mie with a BIG smile

Nikki and Frøya

Andrew and the kids

Gard showing of the homemade



Jone from a new angle

Frøya and Gard in June 2004

Frøya got bracelets autumn 2004

Embla with a smile

Picture of Nikki taken
 at Fame Fotografene
Christmas 2003

Nikki and mor together on
 Christmas eve

Frøya, Embla, Gyda and Stitch

The food is ready. Nikki is helping
 herself to a serving

Little Gyda dressed as Judy?

Mie was the hostess

Embla is showing of one
 of her presents

Jone with a serious look


Seems like I'm still a bit ticklish :-)

Mor with one of her presents

Mie's little killer dog. No, she is not
 a pitbull...she is a Staffordshire-Bullterrier

Embla having fun with sparklers
 on New years eve 2003

The Christmas dinner. The "ribbe"
 is pork steak I guess

A great Norwegian dessert: karamellpudding.
Also known as "flan" in other countries :-)
Smalahove is a Norwegian delicacy -
as you can see it is a sheep head

And here it is when I'm done with it :-

Frøya having fun with sparklers
 on New years eve 2003

Jone unwrapping a present

Mie also wanted to have fun with
 sparklers on New years eve 2003

Spekemat is a tradition around
 Christmas time
17th of May 2003

Nikki in our neighbourhood

My niece Frøya is performing

Nikki, Gard, Jone, my mum, Mie and Knut

Jone with "the look"

My nieces Embla, Frøya and Gyda




Nikki and Gard in the neighbourhood

The Norwegian flag

Torget (the town square)

Folketoget (one of the parades)
Misc pictures

Miss Norway Kathrine Sørland

Frøya got a big lollipop

Knut..the chef? (summer 2002)

My niece Frøya

Frøya and Embla close up

Marie and her dog Trygg

In town having a coffe Mocca

Jone, Mie, Gard and mum

I'm just a Barbieboy.(46kb)
Grethe with my niece McKayla
 and my nephew Jordan
May 2000 (32kb)
My sister Grethe and her
husband Scott in Ohio USA
May 2000 (51kb)

Portrait of myself
 in 1997(250kb)

My little niece Gyda and
 my sisters dog Blitz(37kb)

Portrait of my niece

Portrait of my niece

My sister is trying on
 new shoes(41kb)

My brother Jone and myself.
July 1997. (35kb)

My family visiting me in my flat
in July 1998. (58kb)

Frøya and Embla on
the 17th of May 1998.

Late winter weather. 1st of
March 1998 (58kb)

My sister Mie and my two
nieces Frøya and Embla at
Christmas of 1997.(42kb)

Holding my niece Gyda
for the first time. 17th of
November 1997. (29kb)

Myself in front of my mum's
house. July 1998. (81kb)

My family at 17th of May 1998.
From left: brother-in-law Knut,
niece Frøya, sister Mie,
my mum, niece Embla and
brother Jone. (49 kb)

Making cheesecake
at home July 1997 (37kb)

My outfit before going
to Ronny and Hilde's wedding.
August 1997.(60kb)

I managed to squeeze into this
wetsuite during a company
party in June 1997.(74kb)

My makeup at
Halloween 1998. (31kb)

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