My family and myself

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My grand-dad and
 grand-mother on my
 father side(37kb)

My grand-dad and
 my father(33kb)

My dad as a young

My father at

My dad in the navy(29kb)

My father and his
girlfriend Bodil(28kb)

Nikki got a bit of an Easter
 egg in april 2000(57kb)

Family feast in October 1999(71kb)

Gard as a young hairy

My bedroom-map. The blue
 dots indicates where I have

Trying on new glasses.
 I didn't end up buying

A little bump after a little
 accident in the squash

What my car looked like in
 the end of 1999(23kb)

Nikki's family. From the left
 Karabo, Primrose, Amelia
 and Darius(24kb)

Gyda's birthday in November
 1999. Embla is helping
 her out(49kb)

Making a meal for mum and
 Jone in the fall of 2000(36kb)

My love Nikki and myself(40kb)

Nikki siblings Karabo and
 Ame 2000(31kb)

Nikki and Gard at

Nikki and Gard at

Nikki and Gard(23kb)

Jone got a present.
 This is his 17th birthday
 in 1999(35kb)

Going down south. Not the best start
 that we could get(55kb)

Nikki and Gard on a trip
 to the south of Norway
 in may 1999 (47kb)

A real cowboy(72kb)

Grethe and her family in
 December 2000. From left
 Scott, Grethe, Jordan
 and McKayla (19kb)

Nikki and Gard in the flat
 in the end of 2000(26kb)

A gathering at Mie's house.
 Grethe is home on vacation
 in August 2000 (84kb)

Lots of pics were taken
 during Grethe's vacation
 to Norway in August

A gathering at our flat.(70kb)

And Mie helped Jone and
 Gard to get a new haircolor

Grethe, Marie, our mum,
 myself and my brother
 Jone (63kb)

Grethe and our mum
 in the sun(71kb)

More of the Karlsen
 siblings (40kb)

My nieces Frøya and
 McKayla in August

My mum together with
 my sisters Marie and
 Grethe (50kb)

We had mum and Jone over for
 a nice gourmet meal(36kb)

Knut and Mie's boat in the
 spring of 2000(41kb)

On Mie's poarch in
 August 2000(47kb)

A portrait of my
 brother Jone(37kb)

Going to Kjerag. Grethe with the
 "eagles nest" in the back-

And Grethe found out
 that it was a hard two
 hour walk to get to

The trail to Kjerag (74kb)

The trail to Kjerag (74kb)

I had to step onto the rock
 at Kjerag when Grethe
 chikened out(38kb)

Emble and Gard on a fishing
 trip in August 2000(49kb)

Nikki is enjoying a hot
-dog on 17th of May

Nikki at Kvadrat, the local

View from Gausel on 17th of
 May 1999(64kb)

Nikki at the restaurant
 Storyteller. Her birthday
 in 1999(52kb)

A portrait of Jone
 in December 2000

Bo and Ame at

The family at Christmas
 eve 2000(71kb)

Bo and Ame gave me
 a hand with the
 Christmas tree(78kb)

Bo, Ame and Primrose
 in Old Stavanger(63kb)

Nikki and her mum

The Mooki family in snow
 for the first time(51kb)

The Mooki family in snow
 for the first time(51kb)

The Mooki family and Gard trying
 out their luck in bowling(75kb)

Celebrating Embla's birthday in
 May 2001(119kb)

And here is the main

My mum, Mie and Nikki on 17th
 of May 2001 (105kb)

And Gard with Marie and
 mum (110kb)

Nikki in town(69kb)

The russ is having fun(120kb)

My brother Jone was
 also in the parade(84kb)

His outfit was so

"Expedition" to Dalsnuten in the
 summer of 2001 (143kb)

Gyda needed som help from
 time to time. Here is Mie with
 blond hair by the way (168kb)

We made it to the top. Here is
some of Knuts family (133kb)

Mum joined the Swift club with
 this Suzuki in the summer
 of 2001(136kb)

Nikki and Gard in the
 living room(170kb)

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