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Ronny and Bjørghild
Ronny and Bjørghild
Bjørghild hiking
Bjørghild hiking
Gathering in our flat in October 2003
Gathering in our flat in
October 2003

Ronny and Hilde's outfit
on Halloween 1998 (39kb)

Visiting Cutty Sark festival in
Stavanger in August 1997.
From left: Bjørn, myself,
Hilde and Ronny.(42kb)
Ronny and me having breakfast
 on a "hyttetur" in 1997(46kb)
A walk to Eigerøya lighthouse in
November 1998. From left: Stig, Siri, Allis,
Olav, Aud Greta & Hans (37kb)

Bjørn dressed up as
 a Scottish lad at his stag
 party in May 2000 (54kb)

And then he showed us how
 to play the bagpipe(49kb)

We tried this gocart track at


All the guys at the gocart


Bjørn's wife to be showed
 that she is a muscician
 too (35kb)

Some of the girls at
 Gro's stag party(46kb)

It was a freezing day at the
 lighthouse in Lindesnes, the
 most southern part of Norway

Stig is relaxing next to the
 barbeque (46kb)

Playing games at a cabin. Bjørn, Gro,
 Ronny, Hilde and Nikki(51kb)

Olav, Allis and Nikki outside Olav and
 Allis' house (73kb)

Party in the flat (58kb)

Birgitte and Nikki at a scrabble
 evening at home.(53kb)

Scrabble evening with Jørn
 Magne, Jon Harald, Birgitt
 and Nikki (62kb)

Carmen is feeding the pigeons
 in downtown Stavanger during
 her visit in September 2000(51kb)

Carmen and Nikki on
 the sofa (57kb)

The girls freezing their butts
 of at Prekestolen (71kb)

Time to say goodbye. Carmen
 is going back home (50kb)

Party at Ronny's house in
 November 2000(48kb)

And the party continued(48kb)

Ronny and Susanne in

Ronny and Gard getting ready
 for New Year's eve 2000 (46kb)

Two engineers testing the effect of
 a fire cracker inside a snowball (84kb)

Ronny bought a BMW 328 in the
 summer of 2001 (111kb)

Olav E stopping by (160kb)

And Ronny stopping by (192kb)

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