Trip to Houston & Galveston - June 1995

The San Jacinto monument
 outside Houston(17kb)

The battleship Texas near the
 San Jacinto monument(28kb)
At the Houston Space
The Texas Cyclone is a mean
 roller coaster(56 kb)
At Six Flags of Houston
. Look at the drop on the ride
 in the background(48kb)
We were a bit wet after some
 of the rides(53kb)
The Sky Screamer at Six
 Flags of Houston
We had to try out the
 minigolf course at

Tanning on the beach in

Olav proves that he tans
 a lot faster than me(27kb)

View to Tower Bridge(29 kb)

Gard and Olav at Buckingham
 Palace(42 kb)

Stop-over in London.
 Geir, Olav and Gard
 with a view to
 Big Ben(32 kb)

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