Trip to Japan  - May 2005
More pictures from our trip to Japan (Tokyo, Mount Fuji)

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On this page you will find pictures from the trip to Japan. They are more or less sorted in the right order. Please move the cursor over each picture to get a tool tip with more information.

Tokyo is a very large metropolis with 23 wards and 26 cities and a population of over 13 million people. Though Tokyo is readily accessible from much of the country via the Shinkansen, Japan's high speed railway, the price of one Shinkansen ticket may be more than that of a cheap airfare ticket on one of the many Japanese airlines. Nevertheless, the experience of riding the "bullet train" is one worth having!

Cityrama Tokyo

Tokyo Tower

Inside Tokyo tower

View from Tokyo tower Gard at incense burner at Senso-ji temple The Asakusa Kannon temple

Art in the ceiling at Asakusa kannon temple

Outside Tokyo Imperial palace

Shopping street at Senso-ji Pagoda at Senso-ji

Buddha figure at Senso-ji temple

Harajuka and Yoyogi Park

Girl of Harajuka

Girls of Harajuka

Another picture of Harajuka girls

A photo session taking place in Harajuka

Meiji Jingu Shrine in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo Rockabilly Club in action

A member of the Tokyo Rockabilly Club

Trip to Mount Fuji

View to mount Fuji

Nikki and Gard at Mount Fuji

Strange clouds at Mount Fuji

A shrine on mount Fuji (at Station 5)

Nikki on lake Ashi during a day trip to mount Fuji

Bad weather during cruise on lake Ashi

The weather was not great when we came to Hakone area

Hakone aquarium

Sumo wrestling

Banners outside Tokyo Sumo wrestling stadium

Inside the wrestling stadium in Tokyo

Short commercial break in the match

Sumo wrestler throws salt before a match in Tokyo

Ritual before the sumo wrestling in Tokyo

Sumo wrestlers getting ready

Sumo wrestling in progress in Tokyo

The winner of the sumo wrestling tournament


Ramen noodles in Shinjuku area

Another plate with sushi

Having a cold beer for dinner

Sashimi in tokyo

Getting ready for dessert from Cozy Corner

Lunch one day in Tokyo

Gard enjoys his ice cream :-)

Nikki at a sushi place in Kyoto

Work of art on display

Strange stuff for sale at the fresh sea food market

The Shinkansen / Tokyo metro

Shinkansen train

Shinkansen trains at the station

Another picture of the Shinkansen

Nikki relaxing with a book on the train

Signs gives information about train departures

Tokyo metro sign

The subway map can be confusing :-)

Ginza metro station

Fare adjustment machines

Instruction about manners at the metro in Tokyo

Misc scenes from Tokyo

Scene from Ginza

Street scene from Shinjuku

Night scene from Shinjuku

A homeless on the street at Shinjuku

Street crossing in Shibuya

Outside smoking area at Shibuya

Street crossing in Shibuya

Pachinko parlor in Tokyo

Don't smoke and don't litter

The statue of Hachiko at Shibuya in Tokyo

Nikki taking a look at gadget heaven

Getting tickets for the sumo wrestling

Kids playing at the Sony building

A scene from Ueno park in Tokyo

Japanese schoolgirls posing at Shibuya

Neon lights of Tokyo

Street performer at Shinjuku...not in the national uniform

The gate of hell in Ueno park Tokyo

The statue of Saigo Takamori at Ueno park

Images from Hotel New Otani and Excel Hotel Tokyu

Beds at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo

Room at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo

Toilet at New Otani

Bathroom at Hotel New Otani in Tokyo

The garden outside New Otani hotel in Tokyo

Gard in the New Otani garden

Excel Hotel Tokyu

Room at Excel Hotel Tokyu

Bed at Excel Hotel Tokyu




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