Trip to Sun Island, Maldives  - April 2004

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On this page you will find pictures from the trip to Sun Island in the Maldives. They are more or less sorted in the right order. Please move the cursor over each picture to get a tool tip with more information. Click here to get back to the Maldives trip report.

Beach pictures from Sun Island in the Maldives
The sea is so blue The beaches are beautiful at Sun Island Most people found cover in the shade Nikki is jumping with joy on Mermaid beach The beach bar area
View to the beach bar area Another example of the beautiful scenery at Sun Island Gard looking at the beautiful blue sea View towards the pool area at Sun Island Nikki walking on the beach towards the beach bar
View to the jetty that leads out from the lobby area Another example of how nice the beaches of Sun Island are Mermaid beach near the beach bar We ended up in the shade on most days A table with a view on the beach
Nikki swimming in the clear blue water at Sun Island Nikki is splashing around in the clear blue water A view to the water bungalows at Sun Island Sign in the sand Tables outside the Mekuna bar
A sunbed on the beach Nikki on the beach near the beach bar Nikki left foot prints in the sand A great pictures taken by Nikki. Gard walking on the beach at sunset  
Sun Island facilities
The swimming pool is also nice at Sun Island View from the pool on Sun Island View to the pool bar The best place to snorkle on the island was at the Italian restaurant Alpontile Walking along the jetty towards the lobby
We got fed really well at Sun Island. Here a look at sweet stuff for dessert Nikki at Maaniya Nikki at the restaurant There was a good selection of bread for breakfast And there was also a good selection of hot dishes for breakfast
Nikki and Gard at dinner at Maaniya restaurant Our back door to the beach The room itself was nice and big The TV, safe, mini bar etc The badminton courts
The bath room - the shower can be seen in the background Toilet facilities at the bungalow The outside shower in our bungalow The squash courte at Sun Island  
Fun in the water
Gard emerges from the depth Nikki is trying to adjust her mask Corals at Sun Island The big sharks came out at night School of fish seen while snorkeling
I think this is a parrot fish Nikki in the water bungalow area Gard in the boat after the reef explorer trip The reef explorer snorkeling trip Feeding the rays at Sun Island
The feeding of the rays Nikki is helping out with the feeding of the rays Feeding the rays at night    
Getting to the Maldives
Nikki waiting in line to get on board the Tyrolean airways flight

Arrival hall at the airport in Male'

Bus taking us to the sea plane location Squeezing into the sea plane Sea plane lift off near Sun Island
Landing at Sun Island A view to the capital Male' Flying over a resort island The view from the sea plane was amazing  
View from the sea plane Nikki is trying to get comfortable on the Lauda Air flight First view of the atolls of the Maldives    
Sunset fishing trip
Nikki is getting some instructions in the art of fishing The sunset was beautiful Nikki is pointing out the red snapper that she got Nikki is holding her catch of the day Nikki at sunset during the sunset fishing trip
And the instructions paid of. Isn't that one of the fish from Finding Nemo? Nikki just caught a big fish during sunset fishing      
Nikki on her bike at Sun Island The paths were perfect for biking, jogging and walking We had visitors like this every night :-) A fruit bat flying over our heads A lizard is keeping warm on the path
Nikki and Gard at sunset on Sun Island The sun sets at Sun Island Gard is watching the sun set Looking at the sun set Gard is enjoying the welcome drink at Sun Island
Whole fried fish at the Sun Star Coconuts could be found all over the place Nikki and Gard outside the Sun Star restaurant Nikki at the beach bar  


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