Summer in Norway - July 1997

Visiting the mighty Kjerag.
The fjord is 1000 meter
below. (28kb)

Visiting the mighty Kjerag.
Nikki and myself on the
rock. (71kb)
Nikki on Kjerag-nasen.
Still a 1000 meter down to
the fjord. (103 kb)
Almost at the top (23kb)
Nikki is enjoying the view over
Lysefjorden (49kb)
On the edge with Lysefjorden
in the background (60 kb)
Myself in a bumpercar at
Kongeparken. (40kb)
Nikki in front of the crash
boats at Kongeparken
Going camping. Nikki is checking
out the tent (43 kb)
Breakfast at Seljord. From left: Nikki,
my nieces Frøya and Embla,
brother-in-law Knut and sister
Marie (73kb)
Nikki and myself in front
of Sommerland in Bø in
Telemark (48kb)
Nikki in front of Kragerø. This town is
located in the south of Norway. (68kb)

Visiting my freind Olav's cabin.
From left: Nikki, Allis (Olav's wife)
and Olav (64 kb)

Playing UNO. From left: Nikki,
myself and Allis. (57kb)

Having a barbeque with the entire
family in my sisters garden (68kb)

Nikki is feeding the pigeons in
the park in downtown Stavanger

Visiting the beaches on
Jæren outside Stavanger (29kb)

Nikki enjoying the nice
summer weather in Norway

But she found out that the
Norwegian water temperature
can be quite refreshing (22kb)

Nikki in front of downtown
Stavanger (34kb)

Nikki in the hall of
my home (52kb)

Close up of Nikki
(26 kb)

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