Winter in Norway - January/February 1998

Trying out new skipants
in my living room.(26kb)

Nikki at Hovden. It was
pretty cold: -17.(109kb)
I'm trying to get coke
out of the bottle.(27kb)
Making dinner at
I got to try a snowboard
for the first time at

And Nikki got to
try it too.(27kb)
Nikki is making a
Nikki and Gard in winterlandscape.(44kb)
Nikki and myself
at my sisters house.(46kb)
Nikki and myself at my
sisters house.(36kb)
Nikki is making a snowball
outside my flat.(37kb)
Nikki busted after playing
squash with Gard.(36kb)

Nikki close up.(34kb)

Playing games at Stigs house.
From left: Olav, Allis, Stig, Siri
and Nikki.(49kb)

Dinner at Stigs house.(64kb)

Nikki is showing
her skills while

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