Trip to Oslo - August 1999

Outside the Kon-Tiki museum.jpg (30348 bytes)
Outside the Kon-Tiki
At the Kon-Tiki museum.jpg (62029 bytes)
At the Kon-Tiki museum.
Gard in front of the royal palace.jpg (42707 bytes)
In front of the royal palace.
Nikki in fron of Norwegian parliment.jpg (62693 bytes)
The Norwegian parliment
The Nobel institute.jpg (53494 bytes)
The Nobel institute
Gard in Vigelandsparken.jpg (57404 bytes)
In front of the big fountain in
Nikki and Gard in Vigelandsparken.jpg (59893 bytes)
Gard and Nikki and view of the
Nikki and Sinnataggen.jpg (37651 bytes)
Nikki and Sinnataggen
Nikki at the Vikingship museum.jpg (30175 bytes)
Nikki at the Vikingmuseum.
In front of Vikingmuseum.jpg (50896 bytes)
Herman, Heidi, Henning, Gard
 and Nikki at the Vikingmuseum

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