Colleagues and PRIDE activities


I managed to squeeze into this
wetsuite during a Pride on Water
 in June 1997.(74kb)
Another company party.(35kb)
On our way home from a party.
 Grethe is still hangning in

Company party in 1997.(67kb)

Tasting the local fruit juice.(97kb)

Geir and Grethe.(51kb)

Kirsti and Alf Kenneth.(50kb)

PRIDE on the dancefloor.(31kb)

Gard on the boat to Sand.(61kb)

It's getting late and Ruth
 and Gard are dancing. PRIDE
 strategy seminar in 1997(18kb)

Company party in 1997.
 I'm surrounded by my
 colleagues Stig, Sverre,
 Jacek and Alf-Kenneth.(47kb)

Driving gokart with my
colleagues in July 1998

Ready to go. Gard "Need for
 Speed" Karlsen(42kb)

The winners of the race:
 Jørn Magne, Asle and

Company trip to Edinburgh in April 1998.
 Here I am in fornt of Edinburgh castle.

Myself and Edinburg in the
background. April 1998.(45kb)

A visit to Edinburgh.
Olav, myself and Jørgen

My colleague Grethe
and myself in Edinburgh.

Getting ready for Pride on
 Water 1998 (62kb)

Pride on Water June 1998. From left
 Geir, Asle, Ruth, Olav, Kirsti, Jon Harald
 and Hilde. (64kb)

Pride on Water June 1998. Warming up
 at Geir and Hildes house (64kb)

Pride on Water June 1998.
 Olav is in the water(47kb)

A party in my flat in summer 1998.
 Linda is showing us how to
 play airguitar(44kb

Same party. From left Stig, Linda,
 Grethe, Sølvi and myself(49kb

Same party. From left Grethe, Linda,
 Sølvi and Asle(39kb

Asle is trying to help with the
 signing. Sirdalen 1998 (29kb)

We all tried to help.(34kb)

And then we took over.(36kb)

I think this is a selfportrait.(35kb)

Party on Grethe and Sølvi .(28kb)

Party on everybody.(41kb)

My collegue Asle at a party
at Sirdalen in September 1998

My ex-colleague Geir and

Party at Havana Badeland in
 the fall of 1998. Grethe is posing
 for the camera..(43kb)

Same party. (56kb)

Same party. (60kb)

Annual Christmas party 1998.
 Birgitte triggers the blond alarm(22kb)

Getting ready for the annual
 Christmas party 1998.
 Kirsti is rehearsing (24kb)

Grethe and myself at the
annual company Christmas party
December 1998 (22kb)

Stig finds the tune before
 the Christmas party in

Olav and myself at the
annual company Christmas
party December 1998 (23kb

Jan Edvard got married without
 telling us. We got even (42kb)

His office looked pretty good in
 the end (46kb)

Annual Christmas party 1999.
 Birgitte as a tractor babe(60kb)

Annual Christmas party 1999.
 Asle and Gard on stage(60kb)

Annual Christmas party 1999. Cheers
 for Per Christian and Jon Harald(47kb)

PRIDE easter party in april 2000.
 Birgitte and Terje. What is on
 his mind?.(42kb)

Jon Harald and his big

Jon Harald, Birgitte and
 Gard (47kb)

Jon Harald and
 Gard (45kb)

PRIDE easter party in april 2000.

PRIDE easter party in april 2000.

Jon Harald is hanging around

And Atle was in a good mood

 Birgitte and Kirsti.(48kb)

 Birgitte and Jon Harald.(62kb)

 PRIDE summerparty on
 a nice Tuesday in the end
 of June 2001.(112kb)

 On the menu was shrimps and
 beer/white wine.(131kb)

 Ruth caught the biggest fish and
 won a bottle of champagne. 
Trude hands it over (79kb)

 Trude, Jon Harald and
 Gard as the party went on (102kb)

 Trude and  Jon
 Harald (86kb)

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