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Archive for August 1st, 2009

P-mate – don’t leave home without it Aug 01

As a guy I normally don’t have a problem with toilets when I travel – after all guys can stand and pee. But for women I guess it can be a challenge when coming to not so nice toilets at e.g. bus stations, on buses, when going camping etc. I met this lady when I was hiking on Kilimanjaro and she had to give up on reaching the summit as she was dehydrated. She was dehydrated as she didn’t want to drink as there was nowhere to pee. Anyway, there are various products for women that can be used and one of them is p-mate (also known as p-standingup). Check out the web sites and you will get an idea of how this device work. I’m just wondering why they keep on nagging about writing names in the snow when you pee…should that really be the main selling point? ;-)

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