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Archive for August 11th, 2009

Do you have noise canceling headphones? Aug 11

A couple of years back I got a pair of Koss noise canceling headset to bring along on my flights. If you are not familiar with the noise canceling headphone technology you can read more about it on Wikipedia but in short it is a pair of headphones that filters out some of the constant noise that you get on planes from e.g. the engines. My headphones worked pretty good but I have not really used them after the first trip. The reason is of course that I chose a very bulky kind and these days I don’t really want to drag them along as it is more important to bring along the laptop, cameras etc. So my recommendation if you are going to buy is to buy a pair that can be folded together to make it fit into your backpack more easily. There are lots of consumer tests regarding this topic and it seems like Bose and Sennheiser scores pretty good. Here are some reviews that I found: , and . Do you have a pair of noise canceling headphones? What model do you have? Are you happy with the ones you have?

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