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Gorillapod Aug 16

When Nikki and I have been traveling, there are quite a few times where we have wanted to take a picture of us with something in the background. Sometimes we try to balance the camera on top of something but it is rarely a success and sometime we end up asking people but that can also be tricky if they don’t have any camera skills ;-) But here is one product that might be able to help out a little: Gorillapod . This is a tripod like any other but the special feature is the flexible legs which means that you can wrap it around stuff (like a bar as shown in the picture to the right) and that introduce new possibilities. I still haven’t made up my mind to buy it or not but I’m tempted. It comes in different versions by the way…there is also one model that are made for SLR cameras.

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Majestic hotel in Bangkok – not the best hotel Aug 15

I stayed at the Majestic Grande hotel in Bangkok from Friday 28th of September until Monday October 1st 2007. I had room 1605 located on the 16th floor and I had a view from the Sukhumvit area where the hotel is located towards the Lumpini park area. We chose to stay at this hotel as it was rated very high on and the price was quite low (which seems to be a great combination) but as we found out you can’t always trust the ratings on TripAdvisor. Please click on the link below to read the entire review.

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Airline safety announcements Aug 14

If you have traveled a bit you know the procedure – once you get into the aircraft there is a boring safety announcement and hardly any of the passengers pays attention to it. But it is possible to do these safety announcements with a twist in order to get people to pay attention. Here are two examples.

Thomson Airways:

Southwest Airlines:

And when we are talking about airlines – have you seen this add for Air New Zealand? Well, if you haven’t check it out and take a close look at what the people are wearing…or rather not wearing ;-) They have nothing to hide.

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Trolltunga – a new “must visit place”? Aug 14

Have you ever heard of Trolltunga (the tongue of the troll)? I had not heard about this place until a few days ago when I saw a photo in a newspaper. It is located near Odda and it seems like quite a spectacular place – maybe not as nice as Preikestolen and Kjerag but still ;-) The photo from¬† Trolltunga below (taken from Jan’s blog) should give you an idea of what to expect. From this place you should also get a view to one of Norway’s glaciers, Folgefonna.

Odda also seems to have their own small version of Via Ferrata and you can read more about that on

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Phnom Penh photos posted Aug 13

I have now posted some photos and videos from our trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and you can find them on this web page. Phnom Penh was of course filled with lots of impressions as we got to visit places like Tupl Sleng genocide museum, the Killing fields at Choeung Ek etc. But we also got to see a country celebrate as it was New Year. I’m working on the trip report and it will be posted sooner or later :-)

SAS is in trouble Aug 13

Or maybe it should have said “SAS is still in trouble”. SAS is Scandinavia Airline System – the airline that is the “pride” of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The only problem is that they are loosing money…a lot of money. It seems like they lost about 140 million US $ in second quarter this year and today CEO Mats Jansson had to tell the press that they have to cut more jobs and save more money. Another 1500 jobs must be removed in addition to cuts that have been made already and the rest have to face a cut in salary of 10-20% – I wonder what that will lead to as SAS has a history filled with strikes as the unions are pretty strong within the company. I guess it is not news that airlines are struggling these days but it is sad to see how things are going with SAS. The problem seems to be that their expenses are so much higher than for e.g. Norwegian so they are not able to compete. So while Norwegian is doing great at the Oslo stock exchange, the SAS shares have dropped a lot over the last years. SAS have also had a lot of intercontinental routes (that they have lost a lot of money on) and they are being cut one by one. So what will happen to SAS? I think that when they get control over their costs they will be bought by e.g. Lufthansa and then Lufthansa can take care of the intercontinental flights while SAS can take care of the Scandinavian traffic and to/from Europe to Scandinavia. So maybe it is wise of me to spend the Eurobonus points now…it would be a tragedy to lose all of them if SAS goes bankrupt.

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Flight radar over Scandinavia Aug 12

Have you ever seen a plane above you and wondered where it is coming from or where it is going to? Well, over Scandinavia you can actually get that info for quite a lot of the planes that you seen in the sky.  Check out and click on the various planes to get more information about the flights. It is not really a radar as far as I understand but a radio signal (Mode-S/ADS-B-transpoder) that most modern planes have and it seems like it gives the position of the plane pretty accurate. Thanks to DinSide for reminding me again about this web site :-)

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Do you have noise canceling headphones? Aug 11

A couple of years back I got a pair of Koss noise canceling headset to bring along on my flights. If you are not familiar with the noise canceling headphone technology you can read more about it on Wikipedia but in short it is a pair of headphones that filters out some of the constant noise that you get on planes from e.g. the engines. My headphones worked pretty good but I have not really used them after the first trip. The reason is of course that I chose a very bulky kind and these days I don’t really want to drag them along as it is more important to bring along the laptop, cameras etc. So my recommendation if you are going to buy is to buy a pair that can be folded together to make it fit into your backpack more easily. There are lots of consumer tests regarding this topic and it seems like Bose and Sennheiser scores pretty good. Here are some reviews that I found: , and . Do you have a pair of noise canceling headphones? What model do you have? Are you happy with the ones you have?

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Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel – I’m not very impressed! Aug 08

This is a review of a stay at Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel. I stayed there in the end of June 2008 and I was in KL on a business trip. I have been to KL before (as you can see in this trip report with photos and links) and I have experience from various hotels such as Traders, Ascott, Federal and Agora. Click below to read the rest of this review.

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AirAsia is moving planning to move into the Middle East Aug 06

It seems like AirAsia has plans to move into the Middle East according to this article in The Age. Until now AirAsia has been pretty successful in Asia and they have even opened a route to London. But will they be able to move into a territory where Emirates Airlines and Ethiad have all their focus? Many of the major, traditional airlines (SAS, BA etc) seems to be struggling these days and it is weird to see how many of the low budget airlines (Norwegian, Ryanair etc) are getting by without any problems. So you never know….all of a sudden we will see AirAsia planes flying all over Europe :-)

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